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The Companion App for Path of Exile
Price Checker, Trade Helper and more

Evaluate dialog showing Divine Orb and Thorium Spirit Shield
Evaluate showing sceptre +2 Cold Spell Skill Gems
Evaluate showing exchange rates of Chaos Orb for Divine


Price check your items and find the best price based on the official trade website.

Market showing shield +1 All Cold Spell Skill Gems
Market showing exchange rates of Chaos Orb for Divine


Find your next upgrade. Exchange currencies. Keep a tap on new listings.

Trade helper header Trade helper selling Skull Gauntlets for 1 Divine Trade helper buying Robe for 100 Chaos Orb Trade helper selling 500 Chaos Orb for 2 Divine


Streamlined. From inviting, finding items in your stash to initiating trades.

Inspect showing map warnings and quick links
Inspect showing anoints and quick links


Check for build disabling map mods. Know what oils to extract. Lookup items on the wiki, poedb or craftofexile.

Replay showing death clip (in-game)


Capture your deaths and avoid them in the future.

Used by 300.000+ Exiles

Download for Windows

Supporting all client languages

Our Partners

The app wouldn't be possible without them!

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Overwolf handles all the important OS specifics allowing us to fully focus on our app.

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PoE Ninja

Crunches a few TB of stash data each league to provide an economic overview for everyone.

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PoE Prices

Item pricing is hard. They provide an item price prediction based on machine learning.

Our Supporters

Your support helps us pay for expenses, maintain a small team and develop new features.

The Team

That's us!

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Questions & Answers

No, this app is safe to use. GGG put out a policy describing what third party tools are allowed to do and we've been following them ever since we started this project 3+ years ago.
Please note that GGG won't ever say any app is safe to use as they are just not able to verify each release of every app.

Overwolf is the road for our vehicle, without them the road would be quite bumpy. They manage the app distribution and handle all the low level OS specifics to render something on top of your game.
If you're interested in building an in-game app yourself, check their build an app post.

Yes, this app is 100% free and will stay so. We're lucky enough to be able to pay for our expenses by just displaying ads in the desktop part of the app. If you wish to remove ads you can subscribe to our Supporter plan and get some extra perks. Thank you so much for your support.

When we first started this project, the app was not built with Overwolf. Instead it was built with Electron. We were losing many hours just fixing OS specifics and the goal of having the app be displayed in fullscreen was just out of reach. We then decided to integrate our app into the Overwolf platform and shortly after, the community fork version was born, still running on Electron.

We have no connections with this version and cannot provide any support.

Anything else? Ask us on our Discord